The college is a community of Christian believers who pray and worship together on a regular basis.

One valuable idea drawn from our Baptist roots reminds us that growth towards maturity and holiness is not an individual affair, but involves of ‘visible saints, walking together in the ways of the Lord and watching over each other.’

In walking together and watching over each other, we recognize that ministerial training and formation is a shared process, carried out in the context of Christian community. Together we are seeking to encourage the personal and spiritual formation of those called to represent Christ and the Gospel, in a world which questions Christianity’s relevance and value.

With that in mind we believe that effective forms of training and formation will include the following perspectives.

Classical – We believe that the classical dimensions of studying the Bible in depth, and gaining a deep understanding of the heart of the Christian faith, remain at the heart of equipping people for ministry and mission. .

Missional – We are convinced that in a post-Christian age all forms of Christian ministry need to have a strong missional dimension.

Contextual – Relevant forms of ministry and mission take the local context seriously. That is why equipping people to engage in critical theological reflection on issues arising from the local context is also important. Developing the craft of reflecting theologically is one of the keys to effective and sustainable ministry.

Global – The majority of the world’s Christians live in the Global South. When so many churches in these islands are facing big challenges, we need to become Global Christians who are ready to learn from believers in other lands where the church is growing rapidly. One way of glimpsing what God is doing in other contexts is by participating in one of the international trips for ministerial students organised in partnership with BMS World Mission.

Life-long – It is impossible to learn everything about ministry and mission during a few years in college. To survive and thrive in the midst of ministry’s challenges, it is vital to go on learning. Our hope for all students is that their belonging to this learning community will help to awaken an appetite for the adventure of life-long learning.

Worship & prayer / Holiness – We study theology in the context of a living worshipping Christian community. Praying together is a vital dimension of our life together and of the process of doing theology.

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