Continuing professional development

Many professions today place a high value on CPD. For disciples enrolled as life-long learners in the school of Christ a desire to go on learning and growing should be a priority.

 Life-long learning is a vital resource for everyone involved in mission and ministry. For it is only possible to survive for a short while in ministry on the basis of an initial burst of training or enthusiasm. If we are to help others grow in faith, and if we are to discern how best to respond to a changing world, then we also need to go on learning and developing.

 In thinking about theological education earlier generations sometimes focused on a ‘banking model of education’ which concentrated on filling people’s minds with as much information as possible. Today the emphasis rests upon a more learner-centred approach to learning, which recognises the value of more experiential, life-long models of learning.

One expression of that need for learning and development is the work which Newly Accredited Ministers are expected to do in the first few years after ordination. Helping new ministers work out a Learning Contract for those first few years is something which the college is very much involved in.

College tutors are very happy at any time to offer suggestions to ministers wondering about a course of study or about books which might shed some light on a burning issue. If you think we may be able to help you in this way please do get in touch.

For some, tackling a course of postgraduate study offers a stimulating way of engaging in continuing professional development. If you are interested in exploring that option you can find information about the MTh course and about Research degrees by clicking on the Postgraduate tab.

Sabbatical studies may offer another way of investing in CPD. If you are interested in doing some sabbatical studies in Cardiff, the college has a twin-bedded flat which might provide a useful base. For information about availability and costs please contact the college’s Resource Manager, Martyn Moss. admin@swbc.org.uk

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