Undergraduate Courses

The Academic Partnership between South Wales Baptist College, St Michael’s College and Cardiff University, makes it possible for the college to admit students to Cardiff University courses in theology.

For people embarking on a course of theological study for the first time, the college normally recommends the Bachelor of Theology (BTh) course.

The BTh course has been designed specifically for people preparing for various forms of ministry. It includes modules exploring biblical and theological themes as well as others  focusing upon issues emerging from the practice of Christian ministry.

Students pursuing full-time college-based study would normally be able to complete the BTh degree in three years. Students studying on a part-time basis would take longer to complete their work for the university.

The College also welcomes church-based students who combine serving a local church on a part-time basis, alongside their theological studies.

Undergraduate Courses include:

Bachelor of Theology
Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies and Theological Studies
Graduate Diploma in Theology

Graduate Diploma

The Graduate Diploma in Theology is a course of studies designed for graduates in other disciplines who are transferring into the study of theology. Students normally study a range...Read more.

BA in Religious Studies & Theological Studies

Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies and Theological Studies This degree course combines an emphasis on Religious Studies with the opportunity to explore some aspects of the Christian theological...Read more.

BTh – Bachelor of Theology

The Bachelor of Theology degree course has been designed both for people preparing for ordained ministry, and for others who are exploring various forms of Christian service.  The course...Read more.